There are a few things that you need to consider before you start the process of getting to your first grid, some of which are mandatory if you want to race. For example, you must have a licence, racing overalls and a crash helmet. There are some choices within these that will be considered as separate topics.

The first, and most important choice you have to make when choosing a series is the car. The car determines race series and/ or championship and the club to which you belong. We will use the term series in this web site. A series can be a championship, however, that is covered by a strict definition prescribed by the Motor Sports Association, the governing body of UK motorsports.

It is important to remember that the first choice of car is not necessarily your last and a racing series that offers progression is probably a good choice. Progression comes when your cars performance is no longer sufficient for you. The 750 Trophy series with its various classes, related by development, offers considerable scope for moving up within the series.

An important consideration is how friendly and welcoming the race series is. The 750 Motor Club's 750 Trophy series is both of these and it offers a mentoring scheme, for new drivers, by one of our established drivers, to give support in every aspect of the path to the grid. Remember that this mentor will be on the same grid as you in your first race!

In any chosen race series, good driving standards are very important. This is assured with the 750 Trophy as the cars have open wheels, this demands we respect all those around us. 


Your first action, If you don't already have one, should be to obtain a national B race licence as this is a relatively cheap part of the process and will give you a better understanding of motorsport and motor racing in general.

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A major decision is now to be made as the next thing you need is the car. The 750 Trophy has three main classes of car eligible for racing. Each class has its own trophies.

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